A Saharan Acid Western

ahmoudou madassane.jpg

Released November 23, 2018,  Zerzura is the original soundtrack to the film (of the same name) composed by an starring Ahmoudou Madassane, a prolific Tuareg multi-instrumentalist. Regarded as the first ever ‘Saharan acid Western’ Zerzura tells the tale of a nomad’s search for a magic city of gold through free form guitair improvisations.

A first of it’s kind Madassane encapsulates a desert journey with a meditative and distinctively traditional guitar centred soundtrack that transports listeners into a hazy ambient soundscape of sand dunes and mirages- even without accompaniment of the film.

Speradic by nature it’s an earthy mix of melancholic tranquility, nomadic psychedelica and blues not too dissimilar to artists such as Nigeria’s ‘Bombino‘.

To be listened to as a collective, this record spans uncharted territory both literally and figuratively, perfectly exploring ancient desert folklore and modernity through electric guitar.

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