‘You can’t really go wrong with an album called Onion’.

One of the highlights (amongst many) of working at Rough Trade is the annual ‘Staff Albums Of The Year’. Its an opportunity for oppinionated chaos seekers such as myself to compile a list of 10 records that sum up the year in its entirety- no pressure. 2018 might not have been the greatest year in terms of records, there were many questionable releases, a wide selection of quite frankly unnecessary releases and then there was the ‘White Album’ box set. You get the picture. But nonetheless i survived and thats worth a decent playlist if anything.

So. Here is my Top 10 Albums of the year and (the best) tracks from each. You may look at the others, but they are wrong x

1. Phantastic Ferniture

2. Aurora

3. The Babe rainbow (aus)

4. Charles Watson

5. The Nude Party

6. Shannon & The Clams

7. Insecure Men

8. You can’t not listen to this record as a whole – Masayoshi Fujita

9. Imarhan

10. Otzeki



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