Aurora, January 19th 2019

VEGA – Musikkens Hus, , København V

Featured in LDN Magazine

BIMM London.


Aurora is the light the world needs right now. An ethereal soul she delicately asks the audiences permission to speak in her native Norwegian (to a crowd of fellow Scandi’s there was no doubt in their response) before throwing her hands towards the heavens and leaping around the stage in her signature reverie state of performance. A ray of sunshine on an otherwise grey evening Aurora channels power beyond her size, fully embodying the ‘Warrior’ spirit her fans are affectionately self-titled. In a flurry of yellow lace, she dominates with a setlist that ranges from new material off her forthcoming double release such as the hypnotically earthly “Churchyard” to the longstanding fan favourite “Running with the wolves”, a closing number with a pulse that drives the room into an ecstatic daze. Audience interaction is second nature as she tenderly accepts gifts from the crowd. Toy owls are her new obsession she declares. Aurora is an Aurora. A charged wonder she draws the night in with “Through the Eyes of a Child”, an entrancing lullaby that lingers beyond the final note, creating her very own ‘Soft Universe’.



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