Strangers from the Far East

khana bierbood. 3

It’s the second week of the New Year and already I’ve made my top three list. Naturally, the top two spots are automatically reserved for the upcoming double Foals releases. Yannis has never let me down nor I him with my unconditional devotion. But, it has been noted that not everyone takes pride in automated bias so if we’re talking albums that you can actually listen to right now, perhaps to form a self gratifyingly rational and uninfluenced opinion towards, then you need look no further than Thailand. 

Khana Bierbood are the most wonderful psychadelic surf jammers. Translated as ‘Strange Brew’ in Thai they’re a quintet with enviable long hair and trousers to match and self dubbed ‘Strangers from the Far East’. Formed on Bangsaen Beach, Thailand and releasing their debut on Amsterdam’s ‘Guruguru Brain’ label the album art alone is a trip and a half. Mermen Kings and palm leaves- the dream aesthetic.

A record genuinely like no other it’s a heady concoction to say the least. Tracks such as ‘Bad Trip’ (อัตคัด) and ‘Dusty Lane’ (ลูกรัง) are an irrestibe pairing of the exotic and familiar, successfuly creating a bizarre Thai Ty Segall sound with Black Keys style percussion; all distorted and fuzzy wrapped up in charming angst like a sunshine-y hug from your local organic store shop attendant come rocker for the Bohemia. 


You need not speak Thai to feel enchanted. The hazy riffs spin tales of their own matched with low-fi conversational vocals and blissfully interweaving street samples ‘Strangers from the Far East’ wraps the listener in a tie-dye blanket of  60’s nostalgia, breezy summer afternoons and gentle wistfulness. 

Al Mills
For fans of The Black Keys, Fuzz, Allah- Las

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