The Unseen In Between: honeyed indie rock

steve gunn.jpgclay benskin

Friday the 18th of January 2019.

A mere twenty-four hours before 2019’s scandalous ‘Super Blood Wolf Moon’ I was indulging in a lunar of my own thanks to Indie endearer and former  Kurt Vile and the Violaters  guitairst Steve Gunn. New Moon’, the opening track off of Gunn’s newly released fourth album ‘The Unseen in Between’ is a vista of a track. Lulling at a walking pace it’s full of gentle reverb and coffe shop vibes, an irresistably captivating opening track it floods into the rest of the record with nonchalant ease.

The Unseen in Between is a complete dusky road trip record. If at times restrained it’s nine tracks of medititative reflection and endearance wrapped up in vocals of a pinky-orange glow. Gunn has the narrative gift of covering weighted topics such as paranoia and the death of his veteran father; the latter explored on ‘Stonehurst Cowboy‘ a melancholic tale of yearning enhanced by Gunn’s signiture impassioned vocals and technical intricacy.

the unseen in between

For fans of two great Watson’s (Patrick Watson and Charles Watson)  ‘The Unseen in Between’ is a tribute to all things good; low key, precious and thought provoking.

Al Mills

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