Nothing beats a bit of Heartbreak


unloved press 2.jpgPhoto by Steve Gullick

Heartbreak is the second record by soundtrack wizards David Holmes, Keefus Ciancia and Jade Vincent. Recording under the name Unloved, the trio create music that encapsulates a fast pace world of  glamour and sensual film noir. A record thats oozing with Bond-esque big thrills Heartbreak is intoxicatingly put together; a cat and mouse chase of Vincent’s vocals and orchestral marvel paired with slick melodrama. It makes total sense Heartbreak was also the soundtrack to the BBC America triumph Killing Eve.

heather mchale.jpg

Photo By Heather McHale

If tracks such as ‘Love‘ conjur up images of 60’s Grease-style school discos, kids throwing themselves around in a flurried trance of well polished brass bands and shimmy inducing guitar riffs then the succeeding  ‘(Sigh)‘ is the sexy older sister who could be a vampire at the afterparty. ‘(Sigh)’ is bold and dangerous cowboys patrolling  in the full moon and Fleming Villainesses (or Villanelle). A crashing feat so confidently lush in it’s arrangement and red velvety, old Hollywood tobacco tainted approach, Heartbreak is able to shake up it’s classically cinimatic reverence (check out track 8) with frustratingly effortless ease. ‘Crash Boom Bang‘, a song that sounds like its namesake, is electronically taunting and empowering- perfect for blasting whilst driving through a freeway tunnel.

 Heartbreak is a richly unrestrained powerhouse. Wholeheartedly there is nothing not to love about it.

Al Mills

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