for melancholic mermaids

emilie.pngphoto credit Lean Benoit

Emilie Kahn is a French-Canadian Mermaid in disguise. Equipped with her harp (although she’s dropped it’s moniker Ogden) and enchanted tales of heartbreak and fearlesness, Emilie has created a wonderfully lush, deeply distinctive, emotional rock pool of a follow up record.

There’s a driving pulse to Emilie’s writing style. Uniquely adaptable and immersive, Outro is a fitting soundtrack for an empowered fairtyale. With a depth to storytelling like no other, she capably creates her own genre of transformative layered Pop and Indie Folk. Never an afterthought, the presence of harp makes immediate and total sense, a seemingly withstanding engraving not addition to Emilie’s person. Outro is built as a resonating tide of ethereal choruses and captivated instrumental breaks whilst Emilie’s vocals are angelic but not without vigor. With subtle progression and glittering lovesick landscapes all encompassed into blossoming siren song. 

Sixth track Horse somehow sounds like blue lagoons and stardust.  A call out to a lover long gone it’s smoothly residual and soothing whilst stand out track Three is a blazingly controlled release of frustration; unshackled and Devine Feminine.

This is a record that’s both rhapsodic and mellow. Classical weaves with contemporary seamlessly with delicacy and reminiscent magic.  As youthfull as it’s ageless,  “I’ll give you all the goddamn stars if you want some space.” 

Al Mills


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