Ibibio Sound Machine – Doko Mien

Image may contain: one or more peoplephoto credit: Ibibio Sound Machine


This is damn epic. Glittering disco grooves, riffs for days and the return of Nigerian Ibibio language to the mainstream Doko Mien, the second album by London’s ‘Ibibio Sound Machine’ is a fusionist celebration of universalness and rich heritage, proving once again the group can deliver illustrious high life perfection (figuratively and literally). A bit chaotic and chicly CHIC but not, Doko Mien is fuel for you inner sequinned disco-come-polyrhythmic diva.

Frontwoman Eno Williams is gloriously commanding in both delivery and lyricism; “I need you to be sweet like sugar”. A figurhead for badassness in eclectic tongue, she infectiously soars over a blended futuristic weave of synths and cow bells. A match made in an invigoratingly fusioned yet traditionalist heaven it’s an unsubtley unique and all round encompassing extravaganza. Where ‘I Will Run’ falls flat in comparison to initial elations, penultimate track Guess We Found a Way is the ideal counterargument to the (unapologetic) repetitivness of previous funk.

Image result for ibibio sound machine merge recordsphoto credit: Merge Records


At times there’s an apparent Morcheeba inspired crossover in sound. Williams does fine tuned, sultrous moody as well as she does feel good domination; in Ibibio (naturally). All in all if honoured, progressively nostalgic funk with a twist sounds like a shout then this is for you. Perhaps you need to be in the right mood to listen or perhaps, by listening, you’ll be in the right mood. 

Al Mills

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