Too Real

Portobello roars as Dublin City’s finest take front.

Did someone mention Ireland? Step aside The Pogues these Boys from the Better Land are here to smash the system and then build it back up again. As Record Store Day 2019 rampaged through Portobello’s Rough Trade West a storm was brewing outside.


Newcomers Fontaines D.C are far from rookie in capability. Leaking out onto the street withwords soaked in an unvarnished Irish drawl and core tremoring riff’s for days, the heaven’s caved biblically as hail splintered out over the crowd sporadically and opportune. THANK GOD FOR PUNK.

A more inspired location for the groups consciously defined crowd conquer could not have been chosen. Heritage punk seeps through RTW greedily searching for the next generations takeover. The walls tremored and lurched as frontman Grian Chatten oozed anachronistic maturity and breathed life into the remnants of Sex Pistol glory days dust. Fontaines D.C are symbol of a time before their time. Contemporary relevancy is in abundance with an addictively candid attitude to match. Chatten daringly chants about ‘Brits out’ and ‘A pregnant city with a Catholic mind’. If the crowd didn’t know the words then, they certainly do now.


Al Mills

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