Good for the heart.

This is a band of Baked Beans.

baked beans 1.jpgphoto credit: Baked Beans

Baked Beans are a band of human – bean – babes from Melbourne and OW EM GEE THEY’RE RAD.

Petition to bring back rad.

Signed to Flightless Records, the very cool, very hip Aussie based label run by Eric Moore of  King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard fame (yes of course), Baked Beans are  that kind of chaotic, psychadelic garage  / who even knows what this is but shit I like it sound that only ever works when birthed by Aussies, ideally those of the long haired   and carboot sale bargain aesthetic. 

Babble is a dirty, full body spasm inducing, moody boogie LP with a blasted spirit that creeps and lurches uncontrollably until it turns on you. Suddenly, you find yourself drifting through clouds in a synth-y warped wasteland heaven. Addictively catchy even if you’re not entirely sure what’s going on half the time you can easily nestle in to this oasis of noise and drift off blissfully. Tap your toes and let lose your inner fuzz.

Quite possibly the best example of deeply channeled pandemonium since the Lizard Wizard masters themselves; there’s echoes, conceptual but undeniably mastered manipulation and excitement. Opening number Slow could do with being infinitely long. An eternal, rip roaring soundtrack to the utter confusion of now it’s stacked high with gloriously infectious keys, shattered kits and general sporadic everything. These folks are definitely not as kitsch as their name might suggest, they own their craft and craft their own

It is odd. To state the obvious you either really like it or you dont- and if you dont you’re in denial. 

They’re rad.

Their merch is rad.


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