Slobs in the sewers

Can you write about yet another South London Scene band without mentioning South London?


Yala! Records latest signing Talk Show are very much South London in scene but forget all cliche; this is no act of Shame. First introductions are a punch in the face to any presumptious expectations of new wave punk. Fast and Loud is a gutsy and impressively packed 7″ blending addictively disordered, gnarly guitar and strikingly clipped humour. Efforletlssy captivating that feeling you get when you’re so stressed you have to laugh- you’d be forgiven for not realising it’s the four piece’s debut.

Frontman Harrison Swann’s vocals relentlessly churn up decadent heightened intensity from the pit of urban ugliness. Demonstrating themselves as a vital attack on the senses it’s imperative to keep moving with Talk Show as they cut between mayhem music for moshing and sporadic breaks  masterfully. A blazing drawl caught in a rush hour state of urgency and  nightmarish, falling down – the – rabbit -hole adrenaline it’s breath taking in the literal sense as so much possesed angsty stomping will follow that come the inevitable tenth consecutive play, you will be short of breath.

Not to be ignored, B side FEAR (the demo track) has a liberated, rioters captivation. An early 2000’s Editors (but much less boring) feel with builded seething riffs and the pitchy quality of a consistent ear ache yet, it’s unabashed and undeniably catchy.

The best part? When drummer Chloe MacGregor shouts 1,2,3,4 and we all simutaneously start leaping around our bedrooms.

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