John Myrtle – a preview

John Myrtle is far from your average DIY indie dream. Floppy hair and gloriously twangy love songs are teamed with quintessentially English eccentricity and tongue in cheek. Charming in that awkwardly poetic manner we all can’t help fall in love with. Picture Harry Nilsson minus the dressing gown, British, and with a fondness towards bugs. Specifically Cyril the Slug, an innocently playful commentary on suburban appearances through the eyes of a fat slug (of course).

Hailed by Marc Riley of BBC 6 as having a likening to Syd Barrett, John picks up classically philosophic and lyrical driven songwriting where others before him have left off- and does it better. Forthcoming single ‘Foggy’, to be released jointly on cassette label Sad Club Records and Lancaster based Bingo Records, is a lushly contemplative, melancholic affair that sounds like black coffee fuelled musings in a leather armchair whilst watching the evening rain. Performing live as a four-piece, John’s set to play Brighton’s, Utopia All Dayer early June 2019 amongst a wholesome lineup including Hotel Lux of the Windmill Brixton and Bristol’s Heavy Lungs.

Still not convinced? Rough Trade Shops praised “Shit, this is really good. I was at his gig and I couldn’t stop dancing and smiling, and no, I wasn’t on drugs.”

What more could you really want.

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