Bess Atwell – Big Blue

Bess Atwell makes music unlike  anything other than the purist of cherry lip balm . Nourishing, mood enhancing and physically soothing, Bess blends subtly tinted landscapes of gleaning folk with crystal perfect recorded polaroids of unadorned femininty and frictioned relationships. 

Image may contain: sky, swimming and outdoorcredit: Bess Atwell

Swimmingly refined as a blushing exploration of emotional consciousness, Big Blue has all the rich fascinations ingrained within humanity of captured riversides and edenistic orchards nestled into five haunting tracks; and whilst her flushing peach harmonies compel standalone it’s the accompaniemet of her band that are the kernel to Big Blue‘s harvested individualisms. Each track is a weaved lullaby for the soul. Grace is daisy dresses and apple trees tucked into a blanket of silver mythologies of siren standard whilst three minutes into the felicitously titled Cherry Baby and our ears are gifted to conscientous roaming guitars of drizzly mountainscapes in autumn proportions that would make the likes of Ben Howard and Fleet Foxes proud. 

To be listened to body and soul in an ivy trailed dreamland.


Al Mills.

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