Childcare – Wabi Sabi

56985351_1143913929114336_4376405141562064896_n.jpgcredit: Childcare

South London’s Childcare‘s debut album Wabi Sabi is musical green juice. Specifically, Wholefoods green juice. A mindfully hectic mind mastery concoction it’s bitty and weird, probably contains hidden celery, and really doesn’t make much sense at all but like a strong cleanse this record is arguably good for us. It’s exactly what we needed to hear but didn’t know until neccessity called and even though things aren’t usually favourable when green and smelling like organic crayons (or in this case scratch and sniff lavender vinyl) we accept it’s pulpy addictivness for what it is and rest assured will want to drink it all up (including the bits at the bottom) and relish in our new found cellular glow. HEALTH

A fully packed record of jungle fevered harmonic pulses and a heck of a lot of zen,  there’s relentless straightforwardly disorientated electric funk playing with cleanly tasseled riffs and shifted spoken word nonsecalls and it’s just so blissSingles such as Omega Grey and Big Man have been floating around the Childcare -sphere for a while and make for welcome breaks inbetween the remaining psychotherapist psych punk equivalent of formidable face pose. Sugarcane is three minutes of gloriously enticing shoulder thudding drones and pulsations like dancehall for sweaty mosquitos whilst Bamboo is a wholly wholesome number that gives room for bassist Emma Topolski to take front with muggy vibes of doubt and a subtle sense of kaorake night for one wooziness.

There’s a lot to take in and a lot to take from Wabi Sabi. A wierdly divine aesthetic of Noel Fielding bop guru meets fused infectiousnes, everything is perfectly placed, essential, and confidently Wabi Sabi. 

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