Scuzzy psych world conquer

The argument of Australia’s scuzzy psych world conquer has already been won. But, just in case you need a bit more convincing before we all put on our coolest band tees and ride off into a psychedelic sunset of two drummers (always the answer) and slow burning, groovy garage bliss, you’ve gotta listen to Melbourne bone rattling freewheelers Money For Rope; specifically their latest release Picture Us.
Picture Us is an all-encompassing, awe encompassing fuzz fest that’s grossly attractive in a ‘punch in the face from a band of five really beautiful haired Aussies’ kind of way, there’s only so many ways of describing the wildest of fevers without using the word fuzz way too much for anyone’s good. So, instead I’m going to give you a brief insight to my hypothetical music video series I would want to make as an accompaniment to this gem. I’m talking raucous zombies dancing the twist on surfboards, tambourines flying without any regard to health and safety codes and general rumbling chaos on a red-hot sandy beach in Tasmania. Yes.
52372909_10156106576040509_6248465997297090560_n.jpgcredit: money for rope

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