Allah Las – Las

Turn your spirit towards the sun as everyone’s favourite Cali crooners Allah Las release ‘Lahs’– a homage towards the frequent misspelling of their name and fourth LP release (via Mexican Summer). Running as a richly wholesome trip over acres of gently growing garage-folk, brush your fingers across a faded painted night sky on the white stone walls of freedom and get groovin’.

Allah-Las have the most water-painted formula for creating music that speaks to ‘glossy eyes’- the dreamers and the landscaped realists. If we’re talking day-one ambitions turned fourth time around ‘this is the ultimate level of marbled marvel and my psychedelic heart has now reached full dreamscape’, then Lahs is as picture perfect as things could possibly get. Like receiving a salt water faded letter from a sweetheart of days gone by, this is a record of capsuled joy- a love letter to language as Portuguese pleasantries play with Japanese journeyed judgment, wise worded wonder and constellational crotchet are all knowingly entertained and then sprayed with the most sunshine- citrus of perfumes (for that added human touch).

High-delight instrumentals with swoon must be Allah-Las’s middle name as falling down a sanctuary staircase into a lapsteel of collected vibe, from the tops of their heads to the bottom of their ‘blank aura’ these guys are undeniably cool. Perhaps this is because the very definition of cool swirls within their LA bloodstream or, for reasons only to be discovered by the soon-to-be indulged ear, there’s something sparkling to be lapped up in ‘Mirror Lake’ and this four-piece have it bottled.

A record described as “inspired less by time, but by place”- Keeping Dry in a desert dwelling climate is a surely easy-going feat but, with a rock-pool of silver fish scaled cymbals at your fingertips, things are at least a whole lot more fluid. Previously released single In The Air is a lyrically shufflin’ delight as intuitively things can’t go wrong when word of chameleon is sung with such effortlessness, whilst solar-sweeping numbers Polar Onion and On Our Way offer alternate reality lenses on all too familiar worldly drifts of mood.  As back and forth rhythm sections jangle wind-charmed call outs to anyone with a mind to listen, Star masterfully breezes a universe of speckled confidence with zero restraints and it’s high time we all took four minutes to breathe in the lo-fi riffed atmosphere.

Lahs is thirteen treasures of unadulterated magic and a current of horizon drifting breath that will be returned to with endless impulse.

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