As if we needed another reason to love Aurora

How many adjectives can be used to describe communal soul ache?

Rhapsodic and really, really, haunting. The kind that makes your body and soul crawl uncontrollably and repeatedly an inescapable and undulating celestial body. The Seed screams gauzy rawness paired divine energy that propels thick and stirring. You’re going to want to blackout draw the blinds, light a dozen white candles and outer-body abandon to experience this fully. 

You cannot eat money

A phonic tackling of humanistic destructive ugliness Aurora channels cosmic pith like no other. She has a potency to her voice that could grow trees or power tides with addictive staggered lust and sensory warmth. An empire of sound, if this is the seed to a greater good then we can all look forward to it’s birth.

Al Mills.
shout out to Dan the celestial connoisseur xo
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